Bill Simmons reveals secret qualities of Magic Johnson

Bill Simmons went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk shop with his good friend and promote his NBA pregame show. The best part of the interview was when Simmons detailed some of Magic Johnson’s more idiosyncratic qualities.

Being white and unsuccessful, I never though I had much in common with Magic Johnson. It turns out that we’re more alike than I thought. If you name a movie, I probably liked it. Never Back Down? Sure, why not. Blue Streak? Best movie ever. Vanilla Sky? OK, so maybe he I aren’t the same after all. I also can’t even begin to compare when it comes to taking snacking seriously.

If you think Simmons was joking when he said Magic hates stale Red Vines, think again. He used to make his personal assistant squeeze Red Vines to ensure softness. She was later fired and responded by suing him. Can’t we all eat licorice in peace?