If a stranger requests a bite of your burrito, don’t say no, or something like this might happen


A Seattle resident was enjoying a nice burrito lunch when a stranger approached and requested a bite.

The scene soon turned into an outtake for Diners, Drive-Ins and Jabs. Here are the details from The Smoking Gun:

“Give me a bite of your burrito,” Mahamed Abdi, 24, allegedly demanded of a stranger noshing Saturday afternoon outside a Seattle restaurant.

When the burrito owner declined Abdi’s request (and remarked “That is rude”), Abdi pushed him and again demanded a bite of the Mexican food favorite. As the diner then arose from his seat, Abdi allegedly punched him in the forehead and fled on foot, according to a Seattle Police Department report.

The burrito owner, who had “very slight redness to forehead,” did not request medical treatment. He’s lucky the burrito bandit didn’t do more, he’s got a history of being a difficult fella.

Abdi, who is locked up in lieu of $10,000 bail, has been arrested more than a dozen times in the last year (for trespass, theft, assault, and robbery).

This is his first known offense involving a stuffed tortilla.

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