Jimbo Fisher is living the bro life–wife in bikini and 7 ft shark

FSU football head coach, current national champion, and all-around Bro King Jimbo Fisher is living the dream.


As an FSU alum I know I’m partial to thinking this man is nothing short of a walking God, but who’s to say he isn’t? He’s just won the final BCS National Championship, he’s got a hot wife who looks slamming in a bikini, and he’s catching 7ft sharks in his down time. If I was a modern-day God this is precisely how I’d craft my life to play out.

Also, here’s a quick reminder of how badass that kid on the left next to Candi is at giving handshakes to Heisman winners:

And somehow this quickly just turned into an FSU Football hype post, because here’s a preview of the 2014 season to get YOU ALL F*CKING JACKED UP LIKE ME!