We Simply Cannot Tell If This Photo Is REAL Or FAKE, Can You?

So I came across this photo below early this morning and once I came to grips with what I was staring at I began to decide if it was real or fake. I wasn’t able to come to a decision.

From there I kicked it out to the rest of the BroBible team and asked everyone, and not a single damn one of us can decide if it’s real or fake. The evidence for it being fake is ‘why would the girls up front turn around?’ But to that I say it’s because the girl didn’t just let it go without knowing something was awry, she at least screamed warning of the brown apple splatters inbound.

So, REAL or FAKE? Is this girl suffering from the most unfortunate case of Party Butt this world has ever seen, or is it all just a lie? Answers below in the comments.

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UPDATE: One reader @HighDefinite has just pointed out to us that this photo is an entry for a ‘PhotoshopBattle’…So there we have it, and expert photoshop.