Couple frantically calls 911 after ‘vicious family cat’ traps them in bathroom


“911, what’s your emergency?” “Hi, yes, our cat tried to kill our baby.”

Here’s the crazy tale from the Associated Press:

Portland police had to be called in to subdue a 22-pound house cat that trapped its owners inside their bedroom after attacking their baby. The baby was not injured in the Sunday incident.

I’ve got a kid. He’s four. He’s about thirty pounds. The cat was almost as big as my kid. What the HELL are they feeding him?

Officers responded to the 911 call. The couple locked themselves in their bedroom with the baby and their dog after the cat attacked the little kid. The 911 operator said she could hear the cat screeching in the background as the couple awaited help.

Here’s my favorite snippet: Police said the owners told the dispatcher the cat has a history of violence. The cat remained with its owners.

“Overall, he’s a good cat, except those times he loses his mind, attacks a baby, and makes us play Panic Room until the cops arrive. Other than that, great cat!”

I just want to say I warned everyone last week.

Vicious pet cat traps Oregon couple, who call 911 [AP]

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