Catholic league bans 11-year-old girl from playing football with boys

11-year-old Caroline Pla just wants to play football. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia however has other plans in mind. The Catholic church has banned Pla from playing because boys and girls touching each other non-sexually on the football field is not part of God’s divine plan. Actually, I have no idea what they’re reasoning is but it’s a good bet it’s arcane and behind the times.

Pla’s damn good at football too having played the sport since she was five. This past season she was chosen for the All-Star game. The situation has gained national attention and our good ol’ pal Sam Gordon has weighed in. You remember Sam right? The 9-year-old girl who toppled over her Pee Wee colleagues Adrian Peterson style? Yea, she’s pissed.

Don’t piss off Sam.

I am a nine year old girl and play tackle football with boys. I play football because it is fun and it is good exercise. I was the smallest player in the league and did not get hurt even though I played almost every down. Caroline should be allowed to play.

Good Morning America picked up the story yesterday so it’s only a matter of time before the Catholics are shamed AGAIN on the national stage. As if the Fighting Irish didn’t do enough damage last night.