Charles Ramsey, the hero who saved those girls from Ariel Castro, just did an amazing AMA on reddit

On May 6th, 2013 a man named Charles Ramsey rescued three women from a Cleveland home. The woman had been kidnapped by Ariel Castro, a monster who kept them chained in his basement for more than a decade. Today Charles Ramsey did an AMA on reddit and it was nothing short of amazing. He discussed, among other things, how he wanted to kill Castro and how he wants to stay AIDS free.

Here’s a bit of a refresher for those who don’t remember him. It is the interview that made him a worldwide sensation.

We went through his AMA and picked out his best responses.

On Michelle Knight, one of the girls:

On Ariel Castro and why he wouldn’t have called the police:

On Jerry Sandusky:

On why he wasn’t allowed in court during the trial:

On Castro’s suicide:

On who should play him in the movie:

On his future plans: