Cinco de Mayo drinks: Hornitos Lime Shot

We’ve all had a bad tequila experience, but eventually you have to get back on the donkey. Hornitos is looking to make that mount a little easier with Hornitos Lime Shot, a tequila with lime flavor and a hint of salt.


The worst part about taking tequila shots is the buildup. First you have to ask around the group to see who’s willing to take one. A few people will always say no, and you have to mock them until they cave. With the count finalized, you still can’t just hand out the shot, toast something dumb, and shoot. Once you pass them around, inevitably finding you have one extra, you still have to hand out the hours-old, dried out lime wedges and slowly circulate the lost shaker of salt. A few motivational speeches later and you finally get to take your shot. Yippie!

Hornitos Lime Shot eliminates all that nonsense. Just chill it as much as possible, pour it in a glass, and shoot. No fruit or salt packets necessary. The full 3-course drunken dinner is right in the bottle. People are much more likely to get back into ripping tequila shots if the entire process takes two minutes instead of ten, and nothing makes a party more fun than tequila. The best and most surprising part is that it’s pretty damn smooth for a tequila that’s only $18-$20. That’s just over a buck-a-shot, and at 70-prof that’s not too shabby.

The one downside to the pre-made shot is that it takes Suicide Shots out of the picture. Maybe that’s a good thing though.