This Video Will Change Your Life FOREVER—Two Angry Irishmen Demystify Click-Bait Journalism



The Internet has been overrun by click-bait journalism and not everyone his happy about it, especially not these two gentlemen breaking down why it’s awful and what to look for when trying to avoid click-bait journalism.

I’m guilty of it from time-to-time, we all are. The name of the game on the Internet these days is clicks and views, and click-bait journalism is masterful as a means to that end. It is however misleading, irritating, and it takes advantage of the reader. “You’ll never believe…” How the fuck do you know what I will and won’t believe? Maybe I will believe, but either way I now have to click your stupid ass headline to find out how stupid you are, whoever you are that wrote that stupid headline….

I stand with these two gentlemen in the video, and after watching it you will too:

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