Bitchy Yelp Reviewer Gets Absolutely DESTROYED By Restaurant Owner



Some people exist in the world only to make other people miserable when they don’t get their own way, because they are in fact the center of the known universe. This is a story about one of those people and her Yelp review of a Kansas City restaurant that doesn’t serve take-out food.

Voltaire in Kansas City has 4.5 stars on Yelp and 82 reviews, they pride themselves on both incredible quality food as well as exquisite presentation. They do not serve take-out (as stated on Yelp) because they believe that their food should be served as plated by the chef. One Yelp reviewer failed to grasp this and thought it would behoove her to attempt to write a scathing review. It backfired.

She comes off sounding every so lovely, no?



The restauranteur having been told by the couple to expect an awful review on Yelp was ready, armed, and waiting with the words to absolutely tear this woman to shreds:





H/T to HappyPlace

Boom. Roasted!

I guess if we’ve learned anything in this age of the Internet it’s that the customer is NOT always right, and when they’re egregiously wrong they’re going to get called out on their bullshit and shamed on the Internet. Major props to Voltaire for handling this like champions.

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