Complete ‘Saturday Night Live’ archives to be on Yahoo!


Great news for people who complain about Saturday Night Live not being good anymore. The entire SNL archives dating back to 1975 will be hosted on Yahoo. I’ve never considered Yahoo as a source of videos, aside from movie trailers, but it appears they’re trying to change that.

On Wednesday, Yahoo announced that it had acquired the exclusive rights to classic clips from 1975 through 2012, effective in September. The clips will be removed from Hulu and, where they currently reside, and be shown instead on Yahoo.

While the “Best of Will Ferrell” DVDs will always have a place in my heart, this pretty much renders them irrelevant. Any sketch at any time is a comedy lover’s dream come true. No more searching obscure Japanese video sites to find streaming copyright material. Now it will all be yours in one place. Sure, many of the references will be out of date and therefore over your head, but so many of the bits are timeless.

Speaking of timeless, it’s likely that nothing will ever top Tracy Morgan in “Uncle Jemima’s Pure Mash Liquor.” It’s this sort of thing that has me excited for Yahoo’s acquisition.

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