Someone Made A Facebook Thread Between Countries After Turkey Shot Down Russia’s Plane And Turkey’s #YOYO

As you all know by now earlier in this week a Turkish fighter jet show down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 military plane and Vladimir Putin is now ready to start World War 3. The Russian plane was reportedly shot down in Turkish air space AND the Turkish Air Force reportedly warned the Russian plane 10 times that it was violating Turkish air space before it took the plane down. You might have seen the video of the plane being shot down by now, it not you should click that link after checking out the image below so you can catch up on the situation.

Now, violation of Turkish air space or not Russia doesn’t take kindly to any sort of attack, even when they’re at fault. So what you see below is a Facebook thread similar to the weekly ‘NFL Quarterbacks Arguing on Facebook’, and it comes to us by way of the DailyJaw Facebook page:

That Facebook thread was of course followed up with this image, depicting the current state of global affairs:

Is World War 3 on the horizon? Probably not. Is shit still about to go down? Most likely.

I’ve never seen the Daily Jaw Facebook Page until today, but I’ll certainly keep an eye on it if they intend to be the meme page for all things global warfare.