Couple having sex on the pitch immediately after soccer game

by 6 years ago

A randy couple simply couldn’t wait to get home after a Danish Superliga game. They had to have each other, right then and there. As people piled out of the stadium, the two ran out on the field, ripped their clothes off and went to town.

Hooray for dangerous sex!

Apparently, the exhibitionists snuck out onto the turf after the rest of the fans had left the stadium, whipped off their clothes and began copulating in the middle of the pitch in full view of Brondby’s press officer Mikkel Davidsen – who dutifully took the photo you see below and posted it straight onto Twitter before the club’s security officer interrupted the post-game show and threw the pair out of the stadium.

couple having sex on soccer field

Mikkel Davidsen

Not sure what we’re looking at in that picture. Just a pile of humanity really. It appears there’s some cowgirl action going on but who knows.

I’d like more details before critiquing their style.

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