Cruise Control app makes every song into a running song

One of the problems of just grabbing your iPod and going on a run is the fact that the Shuffle mode might betray you. It’s hard to keep up the pace when something slow and quiet is playing in your ears.

Simon Fraser University

Needless to say, this is something that can be fixed with an app. Specifically Cruise Control.

Cruise Control is essentially an app that does two things: Find music at roughly the pace you want to run, and subtly adjusts the tempo of each song so that you’re motivated to stay on track. Just set the tempo you want to run at, and the app takes care of the rest.

You can also turn that around, and enable the app to feed you music based on the tempo you’re currently running at, so when you cool down you don’t have Prodigy blaring in your ears. You can also use it to subtly motivate you by setting a tempo and having the app gradually push you to that, or even set it to a target heart rate.

Also, it’s fun to just screw around with it and find out what music in your library hits what tempo. It’s available for $5

Cruise Control [iTunes]