Daniela Holmqvist finishes golf round after suffering black widow bite

Daniela Holmqvist


Meet Daniela Holmqvist, a golfer from Sweden. A few days ago Daniela suffered a black widow bite during an Australian LPGA event. Instead of leaving for medical attention, Holmqvist opened the wound with a tee and let the venom seep out.

Daniela is a badass.

As Holmqvist’s leg started to swell and the pain became intense, she made the quick decision to take matters into her own hands (she’d just been informed that a Black Widow bite can kill a child in as little as 30 minutes). She pulled a tee out of her pocket (“it was the only thing I had handy,” she told Svensk Golf) and used it to cut open the wound so she could squeeze out the venom and keep it from spreading inside her body.

And after doing that, she calmly finished the rest of her round. Because, like we said, Daniela Holmqvist’s a tough SOB. A little stupid if you ask me but tough nonetheless. She finished the day with a 74, short of the cut line. She offered some solid advice on her way out, something we should all heed.

“I don’t recommend getting bitten by a Black Widow.”

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