Deep-fried balls, butter potatoes and fries with mayo are some of the most popular drunk foods around the world

When you leave the bar at night you have an overwhelming necessity to find greasy sustenance, not just to quell your hunger yearnings, but to also help alleviate the imminent hangover that is about to besiege your entire body. In the United States that drunk medicine is typically greasy, fatty, carbohydratey cuisine such as pizza, cheeseburgers and if you’re really desperate or courageous, Taco Bell. However the rest of the world has their own go-to foodstuffs that combat a reckless night of drinking. For instance in the Czech Republic they feast on smažený sýr, a sandwich of deep-fried hunk of mozzarella, but then they get weird by adding mustard and mayonnaise. If you like mayo party in Germany where they indulge in fries topped with mayonnaise and curry along with a sausage. Poor college students would fit in quite nicely in Japan where they serve ramen. I think the U.K. has the best remedy for a night of drinking with their cheese fries finished with a garlic aoli. This video certainly inspires my drunken wanderlust and appetite.