Dennis Rodman wrote a children’s book and it’s coming out next week

Dennis Rodman wrote a children’s book. How the hell did I not know this? Dennis the Wild Bull will be on bookshelves next week. Brace yourselves people.



“Dennis the Wild Bull,” makes its official debut on February 2nd at 2:00 P.M at Andersons Bookshop in Chicago followed by an appearance at Book Revue on February 5th at 7:00 PM in New York. The official debut will be followed by a series of signings and school visits which will be posted weekly.

You can buy the book from the Wild Bull website or on Amazon for $16. Trust me, I’ve already pre-ordered. Eagerly await the following storylines.

-Dennis the Wild Bull in a wedding dress
-Dennis the Wild Bull impregnates Henrietta the heifer
-Dennis the Wild Bull cries
-Dennis the Wild Bull: Bad as he wants to be