Drunk Irish woman can’t manage to stand

Have you ever been so drunk that you couldn’t stand up? Of course you have. But have you ever seen a grown woman be so trashed she couldn’t get up for seven minutes? I doubt it.

If there’s one thing the Irish do exceptionally well, it’s consume alcohol. Admittedly I’m not well versed in the disparity of habits between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, but I’m going to assume they all know how to put the pints back. This Loyalist certainly did her fair share of celebrating, demonstrating, and intoxicating. If you haven’t already, feel free to fast forward through the video. You’ll quickly get the picture and feel better about yourself. Who cares that you fell down twice last weekend and embarrassed yourself in front of that hot chick you weren’t going to talk to int he first place? At least you’re not this broad. She needs to take a lesson from Dwyane Wade about getting back up.