Here’s the duck lips mugshot to rule all mugshots

via Wicklffe Police Department/Facebook


There can be only one duck lips mugshot.

Alright, there are probably thousands, but “Angela Green” of Wickliffe, Ohio is the winner so far. The photo above was snapped by arresting officers after an incident over the weekend.

Wickliffe, Ohio police say they were called to a Quality Inn Saturday afternoon because two guests would not leave their room after the official 11 a.m. checkout. But 34-year-old Angela Green of Cleveland was not budging. Green got loud with the responding officers and refused to cooperate.

Eventually Green decided to obey the officer’s orders, but shortly after escorting her outside, the officers realized she gave them a fake name.  Green was arrested, booked and charged with obstructing official business and eventually posted $354 bond, but not before taking a mugshot that quickly went viral.

Now does that look like the face of a liar? Also, do people even give a shit about being arrested anymore?

[via Black Sports Online]

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