Family sent to the hospital after pet cat goes on vicious attack, firefighters called to the scene

A California family was hospitalized after they were mauled by their pit bull cat. You have cat to be kitten me? No it’s true, their small kitty named “Khat,” went on a rampage last week, sending three family members to the hospital. The ferocious feline suddenly attacked the mother’s arm and legs, clawed the daughter’s face and left deep gashes in the son’s legs. The family called 911 and firefighters soon arrived at the scene in their full personal protective equipment. The cat from Hades even gave the firefighters a battle, but they finally got it in a cage. How embarrassing to have to flee your house because a kitty cat attacked you, no wonder they did not want their identity to be revealed.

This is the face of the monster.

Cat Khat

“He’s never been an aggressive cat, he’s never been mean, he just flipped,” a family member said of the year-and-half-old cat.

One minute you’re all like, “OMG! This cute lil kitty is wearing a shirt and tie. How adorbz!!!” The next minute you’re all like, “OMG! THIS CAT IS ATTACKING MY FACE! GET THIS DEMON OFF OF ME! AAGHHHH! MY CORNEA JUST GOT SCRATCHED AND IT SLICED MY BASILIC VEIN! GET A TOURNIQUET QUICK!!!”