From the makers of ‘Halo’ comes ‘Destiny’

And, not surprisingly, Destiny looks to be “the next big thing.”

So as some of you might know already, Halo 4 was done by someone other than the series creator, Bungie. How come? They left the franchise after Halo Reach to develop yet another futuristic sci fi first person shooter of epic proportions…

Bungie has been working on Destiny for a couple of years now. And, truth be told, it’s not nearly as different from their previous effort as one might have expected or hoped. It almost feels like they simply combined the mysterious hero of all humanity and even more mysterious mega-structure from Halo into one single entity, the “Traveller” that’s the center of it all in their new thing.

But at least they owe up to the fact fact at the end of the somewhat heavy-handed, PR-riffic clip that one is only able to swallow due to the fact that it’s Bungie and they have such a stellar track record.

And make no mistake; the game looks… or the concept art at least… and sounds absolutely fantastic. Plus, it is aiming to be much more than just a first person shooter; it’s also going to be a sandbox game (meaning that it will allow you to basically do anything you’d like, a la Grand Theft Auto). Which is why, even though Destiny ‘s slated for the end of this year, all signs point towards 2014.