George Brett tells autograph hound to ‘f-ck off’

Here’s a ranking of the worst people ever: murderers, rapists, pedophiles, autograph hounds. George Brett got fed up with one man who repeatedly asked him for his autograph and told him to “fuck off.” REMINDER: George Brett is the best.

Here’s some more details about this asshole via Uproxx and KCTV:

Brett claims that the autograph hound has gotten numerous autographs from the Royals great, which the fan has then sold, and Brett is tired of the man’s relentless demands and behavior. Brett just wants the man to leave him alone.

In all, it’s believed this douchebag got 15 autographs from Brett. And yet, he’s upset that Brett finally told him to fuck off.

Like I said before, autograph hounds are among the worst people ever.