Gigantic Brewing thinks craft beer bubble alarmists are idiots

With the number of breweries in the US exploding to nearly 3000, people are starting to ask when the craft beer bubble will burst. Van Havig of Gigantic Brewing wants you to know that he thinks you’re an idiot for even asking the question.

I’ve never been to Oregon, but you can put Portland on my non-existent must-visit list. It’s like they’re all hipsters, only they aren’t doing it ironically. They just really enjoy nature, beer, and bikes. Seems like a solid way to live. Here in Chicago, let’s grab a beer means exactly that. There’s no assumption that it will be a brewpub, tap room, or beer bar. It can just as easily mean, “Let’s go to one of the 500 fake Irish pubs and live the High Life. Thankfully most places in the city now have at least a few reasonable craft options.

As to the issue at hand, I’m with Havig. You can never have too many breweries as long as they aren’t pumping out shitty beers just for the sake of doing it.