7 guilty pleasures men usually won’t admit to

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Females have more influence than they ever have in the workforce and the gap of strictly male and female past times is getting pretty blurry. So, in the spirit of changing times here’s a list of “guilty pleasures” for men that need not make men feel guilty any longer.

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7 Cooking

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If you’ve watched any food TV recently, you’d immediately see what a presence men have in the kitchen and what rock stars they’ve become. Plus, most women see a man that can cook as pretty sexy. In this day and age, there’s nothing wrong with stepping into the kitchen and making a meal for yourself, your friends or your girl. Baking on the other hand…

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6 Taking Your Time Getting Ready for a Night Out

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We all know how much effort women put into looking good. And I would personally like to say on behalf of all men that we appreciate it. On the other hand, men have less to do in general. Still, taking your time to select the right cologne, style your hair, and put on a good shirt and shoes combo could mean the difference between a successful night and a regretful one. So, take a little extra time to give yourself the once-over before you head out the door.

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5 Female Recording Artists

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I once had a big, burly man tell me about his love of Barbara Streisand. No, I wasn’t in prison at the time. This was an All-American guy with a family. Just because you enjoy a little Alanis Morisette or Beyonce once in a while, doesn’t mean you have to hang your head in shame. Good music is good music.

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4 TV Shows with Females as the Main Characters

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No longer do men carry all the leading roles in TV shows. Even if you can’t relate with her highs and lows, you can still find enjoyment in them. Give in and accept it that some of the best shows on television star talented women.

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3 Dancing

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Here’s the thing about dancing; if you’re no good, that’s not going to help with women. If you’re better than her, though, that doesn’t help either (for reasons I’m sure I don’t even need to mention.) But if you’re a confident and capable dancer, then you’ll have a much easier time both attracting and keeping women, on and off the dance floor.

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2 Shopping

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When I think of shopping, I first think of long treks through the mall trying to figure out where I’m going. (Seriously, why is it I can figure out how to make my way through a mountaintop forest, but not a mall without stopping to look at the directory at least six times?) Then, when I’m done shuddering at the prospect of looking for parking I remember the internet. Oh sweet, sweet Internet. Now, men can focus on the items they want without the hassle-ridden process of “shopping” that surrounds it.

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1 Jewelry

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It takes a real man to wear jewelry confidently. Take a look at pirates: no one pulls off earrings like those dudes. The thing about jewelry for men is that it needs to be manly. In other words, stay away from sapphire-studded ankle bracelets. It also needs to be limited, i.e. don’t go out looking like you just went on a shopping spree.

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(Previously published on December 27, 2011.)