Take a selfie, help our troops—it’s as simple as that

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Listen up, I’m calling out to all the red-blooded patriots who read this site. Now is the time for you to make a difference.

July is your time to give back to the troops that help keep our nation great. We have the biggest, baddest, most technologically advanced military the world has ever seen. There’s one thing missing on most bases: style. However, it doesn’t have to be that way…

There’s no gimmick here. Buy a dress shirt, take a selfie, tag @MizzenAndMain & #Henleys4Heroes, they donate a corresponding henley to an active duty service member or veteran.

That’s it guys, a shirt + selfie is the only effort you need to put forth in order to show you our troops that you care.

The shirts speak for themselves, (the ties are pretty sick too, & dress shirts don’t need to be dry cleaned), so if there’s any leftover patriotism stewing in your belly from yesterday’s USMNT World Cup game and you don’t know where to direct it, this is where you direct it: Mizzen + Main.

It’s time to show your support

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Check out their store HERE.

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