Here’s a map showing the most popular athlete by state

Who is the most popular athlete in your state? Is it the starting QB of your NFL team, the high-scoring guard on your NBA team? The results here may shock you.

popular athletes by state

Turns out, LeBron James is really, really popular. More so than anyone ever thought. The results were based on Google searches, so yes, it’s not a perfect system per se, but for the purposes of making cool infographics and infuriating fans, it does the job.

Andrew Powell-Morse at Best Ticket Blog breaks down the numbers even further, giving you a “most popular sports team, most popular position, among others. It’s definitely worth a look.

Here’s the leaderboard:

LeBron James-24
Peyton Manning-6
Adrian Peterson-4
Tom Brady-4
Andrew Wiggins-2
Johnny Manziel-1
Russell Wilson-1
Derrick Rose-1
Geno Smith-1
Floyd Mayweather-1
Tiger Woods-1
Kobe Bryant-1
Manti Te-o-1
Aaron Rodgers-1
Kevin Durant-1