Hilarious Aussie Has A Message For All The Young And Drunk Nations Of The World

Here we see this incredible Aussie explain why there’s such a pro-alcohol culture in Australia, but his message actually applies to all of the young and/or developing nations across the planet.

The point he gets across: Europe’s been around forever, they’ve been drinking forever, the newer nations are drinking at faster speeds and larger volumes in order to catch up to their European brethren.

And you know what? I see his point. Why should we just sit back and let Europe have drank more than us since the beginning of time? Sorry ‘Straya, but here in the US we’re #1 at being #1, and if that means we need to consume booze at a pace never before seen in this world, then dammit that’s what we need to do! Also, he says ‘cunt’ really funny and I can’t stop laughing at it.

via comedian Alex Williamson

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