How to become a surfer: 1. Put on headphones, 2. Watch this

Want all the joys of surfing without all the paddling and work involved? Here’s two easy steps on how to become a surfer. I’ve started it at the perfect time for you.

The only thing missing here is the so-called surfer’s high that you get from basically paddling and working your ass off all day for a cumulative 5min of actual riding waves (if you’re lucky). All that aside, this is probably the best POV surfing video I’ve ever seen.

This video from LastNameFirst shot off the coast of Africa at Skeleton Bay, and features surfers Koa Smith, Alex Smith, Travis Smith and Dylan Goodale…also: holy sh*t is it surfporn in its purest form. I hope you enjoyed it.

Now to finish out the original message of ‘how to to become a surfer’–you’ll need some sexwax, boardshorts, puka shell necklaces, and anklets…THEN, and only then are you ready to go.


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Source: SurferMag

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