How to convince your wife to buy stadium seats

Heineken tested men’s ability to negotiate with their WAGs. The men were offered two free tickets to the Champions League finals, but only if they could convince their ladies to buy a pair of stadium seats. Some of the lines these guys tried were hilarious. Here are a few of the best/worst:

  • The spoke to me.
  • They would contrast well because they would be the sculptural piece.
  • Industrial is the in thing right now.
  • They’d be an investment, like your designer handbags.
  • My butt.

The last two are my favorites. Who asks “can you even put stuff in them” with regards to stadium seats? Do you put stuff in normal chairs? I’m pretty sure they are meant for seating not storage.

The guy who dropped the designer handbag line was the eventual winner, and rightfully so. He found a way to say, “but you spent a ridiculous amount of money on stupid bags,” without immediately being hit in the head with one of said bags. You sir, are a hero to men everywhere. Enjoy that Heinken; you’ve earned it.