All I’m listening to today is this old man singing about ‘azz & tiddays’

Have you ever heard a song and it instantly changed your life? That is the reaction I had from hearing this sensational song, “Azz & Tiddays.” This elderly gentleman beautifully serenades about his love of azz and tiddays. Some of his life-changing lyrics include:

Azz and tiddays on the street
Azz and tiddays at the beach

That body so fine and that booty so delicious
Dem tittays look good, I bet they are nutritious

I think we have discovered this generation’s Bob Dylan. With all of the crappy talent search shows on television how is the “Azz & Tiddays” guy not America’s newest music star? Listen to this splendid melody once and you’ll love it. Listen to it twice and you’ll be singing along. Listen to it three times and you’ll be humming this fantastic ditty for the rest of the day.