Is this the fight that led to a Falcons fan getting stabbed?

A Falcons fan was stabbed following the NFC Championship game Sunday. He was rushed to the hospital and last we heard was in stable condition. The information about the assailant(s) was limited at best.

Minutes after the incident happened, a witness told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman a Falcons fan, who was upset about the team’s loss, began arguing with a 49ers backer in the silver lot outside Gate D. At some point, the argument turned violent, and the Falcons fan was stabbed in the neck.

Late last night, a YouTube user named RSbroman uploaded this video with the following info: “Guy next to me get into a fight at game. Gets stabbed in the neck after the game.”

Is this information legit? Who knows. I tried contacting the user multiple times to no avail.

If this is the fight that led to the stabbing, the police may want to look at it.