Justin Bieber arrested for being drunk, starting fights in Nashville

Justin Bieber Arrested


Justin Bieber arrested but not that Justin Bieber.

A man named Justin Bieber was arrested in downtown Nashville over the weekend. Authorities say the 30-year-old, who shares his name with that little turd from Canada, was “visibly drunk and picking fights with random passersby outside a bar called Tootsie’s.”

Police said Bieber claimed he only had four drinks even though he was slurring significantly while being questioned. The arresting officer noted that Bieber was barely able to stand on his own. This Justin Bieber was arrested for public intoxication.

Bieber fell asleep in the squad car. The charges were eventually dropped.

First Christopher Reeve gets arrested while wearing a Superman shirt, and then Peyton Manning was arrested on drug charges, and now Justin Bieber arrested for public intoxication. It’s a bad year to share a name with a celebrity. Actually, every year is probably a bad year to share a name with a celebrity.

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