Kid crying and hitting his father for breaking news that Steve Smith was released will probably need a lot of therapy in the future

Standout wideout Steve Smith has been with the Carolina Panthers since he was drafted by the franchise in 2001, so it was a shock when the team released him on Thursday. The never shy Smith let the world know that he was none too pleased of his departure by saying that if he faced the Panthers, there was going to be “blood and guts everywhere.” Smith may be in better spirits now that the Baltimore Ravens inked the speedy wide receiver to a three-year deal worth $11 million with a $3.5 million signing bonus. However one little Carolina fan is not taking the loss of Smith well at all. Young Gavin was told the heartbreaking news by his father who said:

“The Panthers said that they didn’t even want him on the team anymore. So they fired him. They said he was too old to play.”

Not the gentlest words to ease your son into the fact that his favorite player is gone forever. Gavin then went through the typical stages of a crushed sports fan:

1.) Anger – Gavin punches his dear father twice
2.) Deep Thought – Gavin looks into the horizon to imagine a world without Steve Smith as he picks his nose and wipes his boogers on the passenger seat
3.) Sorrow – Gavin breaks down sobbing uncontrollably
4.) Rage – When the instigating dad asks Gavin who he will cheer for now he screams, “NOBODY!”
5.) Bitterness – Gavin says he hates the Panthers

The best part is the cheerful commentary by Gavin’s adorable sister Sophia who is not weeping and still has faith in the Panthers and Cam Newton. Cheer up kid, you could be a Cleveland Browns fan.