Girl gets letter from new neighbor — is it super nice or super creepy?

Letter Copy

via Reddit


A Reddit user posted this image of a welcome letter his high school friend received from her new neighbor.

The letter seems well intentioned — and came with a sa-weet Applebee’s gift card — but the more I glance over the letter the dirtier I feel. Maybe I’m just negative about everything. Maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I don’t trust the world. (I DON’T trust the world! Always spinning. Never going anywhere. What’s your game, world?!?)

Besides the camera comment, which is obviously a joke or some type of reverse psychology because he DID install cameras, doesn’t the entire letter stink of “I’m going to cut you up in your sleep and feed you to my dachshund.

Am I wrong?

Click here to see the entire letter without editing.

UPDATE — The friend from HS who received the letter is not happy. At all.