Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen to reunite on ‘Anger Management’

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A match made in heaven. Oh, wait, not heaven. The other place. The bizarre relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen is one of the weirdest things happening in Hollywood right now. The duo were first brought together by the producers of Scary Movie V, who stunt-cast them in a scene where they wake up in bed together. Lindsay signed the contract without reading the script, and then when she discovered the scene would be making fun of her, she threw a tantrum and refused to show up to work until the film company threatened to sue her. Then the trailer dropped and she got mad about that too. And then things got really weird.

Lohan was in deep to the IRS, so Charlie Sheen – flush off the success of Anger Management, which FX picked up for 90 more episodes last year – spotted her $100,000 to pay off her debt for 2009. Now it’s looking like Charlie is trying to help the troubled actress once more by casting her on his TV show.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Lohan has been signed to appear on an upcoming episode of the show playing herself (pretty much the only role she can get nowadays). She’ll also be a patient of Sheen’s character who ends up sleeping with him. I don’t know about you guys, but this is starting to feel a little disturbing to me. Why would you give a girl $100,000 and then pretend to bone her on TV? That’s seriously beta behavior.

What do you think is next for this odd couple? Will Sheen manage to buy his way out of the friendzone and actually become an item with Li-Lo? Does he even want to? I’m not sure which of the two occupies a better position in the hearts and minds of America right now. Lohan’s Anger Management episode will air in April.