Linkase: A cool iPhone case with a WiFi boosting antenna

We’ve all experienced the heartbreak of weak WiFi signals while out with our iPhones. OK, OK, so it’s a First World problem. But now it’s a First World problem with a rather handsome solution, the Linkase.


Absolute Technologies

The Linkase essentially brings back the extending antenna you might remember from the beginning of the century on every single cellphone. Essentially, you slide out the antenna (really an electromagnetic waveguide element, but most of you aren’t electrical engineers and the effect is basically the same) and it can pick up on weaker signals. It then resonates with your iPhone’s antenna, thus boosting your signal.

The good news is that you won’t have to shell out for a dorky case to do this: The Linkase is one elegant case. First of all, the antenna is flat, so it slides in and out discreetly. Secondly, the back is polycarbonate plastic and the sides are leather, meaning you get a little extra grip out of the deal. Finally, it comes in five colors, so you’re not stuck using a hot pink case for the signal boost.

The Linkase will be out later this year.

Linkase [Absolute Technology]