LinkedIn bothered that prostitutes have profiles on their site

If a prostitute works as a prostitute, isn’t he or she allowed to note that on LinkedIn? The professional social network thinks not.

Guyism composite

A change in a subsection of LinkedIn’s privacy policy was noted on Read Write Web. It reads:

“i. Even if it is legal where you are located, [you cannot] create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution.”

Read Write Web also notes that the site has a bit of a prostitute problem; a search for “escorts” also offers suggested search terms that include “female escorts,” “independent escorts,” and “call girls.”

You can also “endorse” connections on the site for skills in prostitution, if you so desire. Definitely would be a great prank to pull on basically everyone you know if you’re secure in your career standing.

The social networking site has yet to officially comment on their new stance specifically on prostitution in areas where it’s legal. The site has previously banned all illegal activities from being promoted on the site.