Linn & Highland Park make $40k whisky barrel turntable


Music always sounds better when you’re drunk, so why not buy a turntable built from a scotch whisky barrel? The $40,000 price tag might be the only deterrent.

The unique collaboration between Linn Products and Highland Park Whisky celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Sondek LP12, a game changer in the hi-fi turntable biz. The marriage of these two Scottish powerhouses led to one 40-of-a-kind turntable.

This limited edition collaboration features Linn’s highest performance turntable which has been encased in a beautiful wood plinth, crafted from the solid oak casks used to mature Highland Park’s award winning whisky. The turntable has also been paired with a special bottling of Highland Park 40 year old, designed exclusively for Linn. The highly collectable offering brings together two powerful passions – music and whisky – allowing fans to appreciate the sounds of classic vinyl with the perfect dram in hand.

Well, when you throw in a bottle of Highland Park 40 you’ve sold me. The Highland Park 15-year still ranks as my favorite scotch, so I imagine 40-year is mind blowing. Plus, the kit just looks amazing even without the whisky. As I said, there are only 40 of them available, so time to start emptying that 401k you just started.

via Engadget