Little Kid Absolutely Nails ‘Smooth Criminal’ Dance, Is On His Way To Becoming The Über Bro

Years from now when this lil bro is standing on a stage as a frat pledge and forced to dance for a room of his peers as part of some charity dance marathon, he’ll know he has what it takes. He’ll know he has what it takes to turn a boring ass dance marathon into a chance to impress sorority chicks with his sweet dance moves.

Because there was a time when he was six-years-old and he got up on a stage in front of his entire school (and their families) and busted out the moves to Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’, and he nailed it.

In six short years this kid’s already managed to display more rhythm on the dance floor than I’ve been able to exhibit on the multiple decades I’ve spend on this planet. This little bro is going places:

tip of the hat to Tastefully Offensive for sharing this video

I mean, does it really get any smoother than this?


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