Local news segment about oil spill devolves into the most raunchy interview ever

oil spill interview

Two months ago, a crude oil pipeline in Colerain Township, Ohio ruptured sending 240 barrels of black gold into a nature preserve. Local News 12 sent a reporter to the scene whose job it was to find a witness, any witness to the accident. She unearthed a man named Fred who was drinking beer and banging broads when the pipeline burst. Take it away Fred.

(Video contains strong language)

See, I’m actually confused here . Did Fred see the pipeline accident or not? They cut him off before he could tell us what happened. That’s kinda crappy of News 12 to tell you the truth. If you’re going to bring the news, then bring all of of it. Don’t give me the censored version. I want Fred in all his pussy-pounding, beer-guzzling glory.

*UPDATE: Ugh, so apparently this is an elaborate hoax—and I mean, ELABORATE. Some guy on reddit debunked the whole thing (via Ryan Perry). FRED IS A GODDAMN FRAUD!