Lolo Jones made fun of Rihanna on Twitter—then one of her fans dropped the greatest tweet ever

There are three certainties in life: 1) death 2) taxes 3) Lolo Jones putting her foot in her mouth. Yesterday, Lolo busted up Rihanna with this lame joke on Twitter. Then one of Riri’s fans dropped perhaps the greatest tweet ever.

Here’s the original Lolo tweet, in reference to Drake hosting the ESPYs.

Again, lame. I’m guessing she stole that joke too—because that’s what Lolo does. Like that time she stole a spot on the U.S. bobsled team from someone more deserving than her. But I digress.

Here’s the response from Twitter hero Sherlock Holmegirl

See, that’s just beautiful. That’s why I spend hours and hours on Twitter. For jokes about chimps escaping the zoo and people owning Lolo Jones. It’s a great American pastime, really.

Lolo tried saving face a few hours later.


Seth Meyers = accomplished comedian, known for making people laugh
Lolo Jones = same number of gold medals as Lil Terio