‘Madden NFL 13’ says the Baltimore Ravens will win Super Bowl XLVII

The final score will be 27-24, according to the NFL’s official pigskin simulator.

For almost a decade now, Madden has been used to simulate the winner of the Super Bowl. And seven of its last nine picks have been correct, so perhaps they’re right about this Sunday’s installment as well?

For a detailed run down, Kotaku has you covered. Though you might recall that Tecmo Bowl predicted the San Francisco 49ers will reign supreme. So who to trust? Computers are rarely wrong, but here we have a disagreement.

Personally, I’m going with with Tecmo Bowl. Note: I know virtually nothing about either team and hardly pay attention to football as a whole. But I can at least somewhat play that game, as opposed to Madden, which is too damn complicated for my tastes. And I’d like to think that this is a better way to choose a team to win than choosing who has the coolest helmet, no?