Magnetic Organization System puts your cables in one easy-to-reach place

One of the most annoying First World Problems is cable management. Keep them from becoming tangled spaghetti behind your desk is irritating: keeping the end from sliding off your desk and disappearing into the mess is even worse.


So how do we solve this minor problem? Magnets!

The Magnetic Organization System is simple and elegant. You have a sculpted magnetic base on your desk, with a non-slip base. Any connectors with enough magnetic material will just stick to the magnet, and they won’t be going anywhere.

For those that aren’t as magnetic, you can get little cable ties to tag onto that essentially stick to the base, so you don’t have to worry about it.

It can even be wall-mounted, for use in, say, a kitchen or in an office where desk space is at a premium. The big appeal here, though, is really never losing your cables again. If you lose a cable down the crack, sticking a magnet down the side of your desk will yank the cable out, and you can bring it back. And it’s economical, too: A starter set is $24.

Magnetic Organization System [Sewell Direct]