Manchester United fan calls police after red card

Here’s your weekly reminder that European soccer fans are not of sound mind. A ManU fan called police after Nani received a red card in their match against Real Madrid. The 18-year-old believed the call was criminal enough to notify the authorities because FUTBOL!

“They waste our time and they direct us away from genuine victims of crime, particularly if we dispatch officers out to something that turns out to be a bogus report.

“I would ask people to think before picking up the phone for emergency services. I would also advise parents to ensure your children are aware that prank calls and the reporting of made-up crimes is a crime in itself.

“There may be people out there in real trouble who need our help and they have to wait because we are tied up with calls like this one, reporting a referee from the television.

Here’s the play in question (gif via 101GG).

Looks more like a job for MI-6 than local bobbies.