Mom jailed for assisting son with ‘fire challenge’ video

Teen on fire

This story goes way beyond family bonding.

A woman in North Carolina helped her son attempt the “fire challenge” and if you’re not aware of this feat of stupidity yet, here’s what happens in a nutshell.

Nothing like asking for mom’s help to almost kill yourself. “Hey mom, hold the camera while I light myself on fire.”

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, the 16-year-old can be seen pouring fingernail polish remover on his body and lighting himself ablaze. The boy suffered minor burns to his chest and neck area.

Talley, 41, “was present and aware of what her son (was) doing and facilitated the recording,” the Charlotte Observer reported.

What kind of mom not only agrees to hold the camera but stands by while her son LIGHTS HIMSELF ON FIRE?!?


Watch both morons in action.

[via UPI]

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