9 of the most insane MTV Movie Awards moments ever


The MTV Movie Awards have arrived yet again, and every year it seems like something weird, embarrassing or ridiculous happens, and sometimes – okay, very, very rarely – something awesome. But, let’s face it, it’s still more entertaining than the Oscars if only because there is always the potential for mayhem. After all, people routinely make out with each other on the MTV stage, people show up naked and, most insanely, Ashton Kutcher is actually taken seriously as an artist. That is always good for a laugh. So while it may not have the dignity of the Oscars – at least not until Dame Judi Dench frenches Maggie Stewart on stage – the MTV Movie Awards has something perhaps even better, as evidenced by these, nine of the most insane moments in MTV Movie Awards history.

9. Naked Rainn Wilson Creeps out Megan Fox – 2008

For some reason, Rainn Wilson thought it would be a good idea to present the award for best kiss alongside Megan Fox buck ass naked, with the exception of a delightful teddy bear strapped over his dick. Uh… okay. After handing her flowers that she didn’t want, he then thrust his teddy bear dick at her, hollering “Take the bear!” It was obviously all a sketch, which was supposed to be funny because, uh, he was sexually harassing her? I don’t know. To be fair, I understand that is how Brian Austin Green proposed to Megan Fox, so who’s to say?

8. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Feel Each Other Up – 2011

There were rumors that Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were banging like bunnies while making their movie Friends With Benefits, and so to clear up all the rumors, they presented an award together making fun of the situation, which involved Timberlake taking the subtle approach of feeling up her boobs. You know, as one does in those situations. Not to be outdone, Kunis reached back and grabbed Timberlake’s junk in a tit for tat moment in which I guess his dick was the “tat.” Sure, some might call this sort of creepy and vaguely embarrassing, but Mila Kunis gets down with Ashton Kutcher in real life so she’s clearly okay with those concepts.

7. Jim Carrey Behaves Like Jim Carrey – 1999


For some reason known only to himself – and even then, who knows? – Jim Carrey accepted an award at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards dressed as an old burnout. He went all the way with the gimmick, giving a shout-out to Foghat, and doing everything just shy of lighting up a joint on stage. Again, it wasn’t like he was playing one of his movie characters, he just decided to do it for the hell of it, and to be honest it was actually probably cooler that way. Courtney Love definitely seemed to enjoy it in the audience, and… wait, maybe it wasn’t that cool after all.

6. ‘Pulp Fiction’ Meets Mr. Kotter – 1995

The MTV Movie Awards have long been known for their parodies of the year’s biggest movies, and believe it or not, back in the day – like waaaay back – they actually used to be pretty funny. That’s because they did inspired things like this Pulp Fiction parody. Since the movie was John Travolta’s big comeback, MTV decided to gather up his old gang from Welcome Back, Kotter and reenact one of the movie’s more infamous scenes, the “royale with cheese” scene in the car, complete with epic profanity and violence and dudes getting their heads blown off. Personally, I’m just hoping that this inspires the Saved by the Bell cast to do a word for word reenactment of True Detective at this year’s show. You just know Screech and Mr. Belding could tap into some dark places.

5. Will Ferrell Makes Out With Sacha Baron Cohen – 2007

The whole best kiss award has basically become an excuse for teenyboppers to scream like idiots while their vampire playing idols mack uncomfortably on stage. The whole thing has always been ripe for parody, and so in 2007 Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen killed it dead by making out with each other and rolling around on stage like they were only moments away from boning down, which I’m guessing the 15 year-olds in the crowd weren’t really expecting. Look, I know we live in a super-serious world now where two dudes making out on stage isn’t supposed to be funny, but it was an obvious send up of the inanity of the whole thing so settle down, okay? Still, it was about 1,000% better and more realistic than Robert Pattinson trying to make out with Kristen Stewart.

4. Aubrey Plaza Tries to Steal Will Ferrell’s Award – 2013


For some unknown reason, Aubrey Plaza ran out from the crowd and tried to steal Will Ferrell’s award. It was completely unscripted and awkward as hell even though Ferrell tried to play it off as a joke. Plaza was reportedly thrown out of the building, and I’m not sure whether that’s really embarrassing or really, really awesome. Maybe both? It threatened to damage her career, but in the end no harm was done because she’s a funny, hot girl, which meant she got more leeway than if, say, Rosie O’Donnell got shitfaced drunk and tried to do the same thing.

3. Girls Kissing in Their Underwear on Stage – 2003

Look, I was going to try to think of a clever title for this one, but sometimes the direct approach is the right one. During the 2003 MTV Movie Awards, the fake-lesbian Russian girl group t.A.t.U (and just take a moment to appreciate the wonders of that description) performed one of their songs, but really no one was paying any attention to the music because the stage was filled with girls dancing around in their underwear and then making out at the end of the performance. Naturally, the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Again, sometimes the direct approach works wonders. I’m surprised they even pretended to sing.

2. ‘Basic Instinct’ Meets the ‘Brady Bunch’ – 1993

1993 saw the cast of The Brady Bunch reenact scenes from that year’s biggest hits because, well, why not? It was this sort of what the hell weirdness that made the MTV Movie Awards actually kind of cool, and the absolute peak of it all had to be this insane reenactment. Naturally, it featured Florence Henderson, aka Carol Brady, as Sharon Stone’s character, and because if you’re gonna do it you might as well go all the way with it, the scene they reenacted was the infamous interrogation scene. Sadly, MTV didn’t push the envelope quite as much as they could have here, but it was still weird and funny enough as is, especially when Mrs. Brady asks her son Greg if he’s ever fucked on caffeine and then exchanged a smoldering, sexually charged look with him while the crowd howled in horror/laughter.

1. Eminem Gets a Face Full of Bruno’s Ass – 2005


Sacha Baron Cohen brought his act to MTV in spectacular fashion, literally dropping into the show as his character Bruno… and landing ass first in Eminem’s face. Eminem then stormed out of the show and because he’s Eminem and, uh, isn’t exactly known for his sense of humor, everyone assumed he was legitimately pissed. Of course, the whole thing ended up being a stunt that Eminem was in on, but for a couple of hours anyway, the biggest story in the entertainment world was that Eminem was angry because a comedian sat on his face. And that’s why America is the biggest superpower in the world.

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