Newborn with broken collarbone named after Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers meet “Aaron Rodger”, an 8-lb bouncing baby boy who broke his collarbone during birth. His parents, diehard Packers fans, thought the name was fitting given Aaron Rodgers’ recent injury.

GreenBay Press Gazette

GreenBay Press Gazette

Baby Aaron was born at 12:20 p.m. Sunday at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in Green Bay. He was a couple of weeks early, and his parents had not really settled on a name yet.

But when the nurses discovered the broken left collarbone — on the same side as the quarterback’s injury — the parents did not need long to choose a name. Kyle was the first to suggest it.

Packers fans are stupid and all, but dammit, I kinda like this. It’s perfect. I mean, years from now, they’ll totally regret it. But in the meantime, hey, you got on the local news.

As for the real Aaron Rodgers, he wants to come back for the Thanksgiving game against the Lions…and that sound you just heard was Ndamukong Suh sharpening his elbows.