Nicolas Cage photoshopped into classic movie scenes

Everyone is aware that Nicolas Cage gets around, but he’s been in more movies than you know. Do you remember him in Breakfast Club, Jaws, and Waynes’s World? He was there; trust me.

What would you call this, videoshopped? Is that a thing? In any case, it’s glorious. Nic Cage should star in a sweded version of every classic movie. I would buy his entire filmography on laser disc if I had to.


Family Man, The Weather Man, Adaptation, Bad Lieutenant Port of Call, Face/Off, Kick-Ass, Captain Corelli, Lord of War, Next, Matchstick Men, World Trade Center, Bangkok Dangerous, Bringing Out The Dead, Moon Struck

MOVIE LIST (Not Usually Featuring Nicolas Cage)

Breakfast Club, Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, Mean Girls, 48 Hours, Gung Ho, The Money Pit, Jaws, Waynes World, Ghost, Get Over It, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, Stand By Me, Duplex, Hamlet, Ten Commandments