Nigella Lawson’s amazing rack no longer welcome in America

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Nigella Lawson is banned from entering the United States and I really, really wish we could start voting on these matters. 

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, and her amazing chest of treasures, were banned from a weekend flight from London to Los Angeles because of her past cocaine use.

The author and star of The Taste was travelling alone at Heathrow Airport. Lawson reportedly made it past security but officials broke the news to her breasts face and all three had to return to the first-class check-in area to get her bags.

The exact reasons Lawson wasn’t allowed to fly into a part of America where cocaine is in more abundance than sand were specifically told to her at the airport but The Daily Mail is speculating that “her highly publicized court confession last year that she snorted cocaine seven times and smoked pot in front of her kids” might have had something to do with the temporary banning.

In other words, do drugs a couple times and get choked out by your ex-husband over a chef salad and you’re not welcome in America but come here, take residence, egg a neighbor’s house and act like an insufferable little twat and the borders are open at all times.


Nigella Lawson barred from flight out of London to Los Angeles over cocaine history [NY Daily News]

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