Now there’s a combination iPad/toilet paper holder

Many of us take our tablet to the bathroom, but yeesh, this is just a little excessive.

CTA Digital

The Pedestal Stand, built by CTA Digital, is basically a freestanding metal pole that holds two things: A variety of items, including a roll of toilet paper, and an iPad.

It’s a nice iPad stand, don’t get us wrong. It’s got an adjustable neck; it’s made of chrome, not cheap plastic; and it looks well constructed. And you can get it with something other than a roll of toilet paper in it: Anti-bacterial wipes and a cup holder are two options.

And I suppose if you’re miserably sick and need a stand to hold up your iPad, this will be a lot more useful than it looks.

On the other hand, you’ve really got to wonder who shells out $45 for this thing and selects the toilet roll. The cupholder we get. The anti-bacterial wipes we get. But we walk into somebody’s bathroom and see this thing, we’ve kind of got to wonder what else in their house sits in the brown room on a regular basis.

The Pedestal Stand [CTA Digital]